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Mac-O-Chee Creek

Besides the in-stream/riparian habitat improvement activities coordinated by the Madmen Chapter of TU, ODNR Div. of Wildlife is sponsoring a stream restoration project for a portion of MacOChee Creek on property owned by Piatt Castles. That project was scheduled to begin during the spring of 2007.

Mac-O-Chee: Perspectives on Stream Restoration from WildOhio on Vimeo.

Ohio Brook Trout

The Ohio Division of Wildlife, Ohio EPA, and Geauga Park District’s Department of Natural Resource Management is currently involved in a brook trout research effort that’s goal is to develop a regional (Ohio) Habitat Suitability Index (HSI). HSI’s are basically an assortment of criteria related to a species and its habitat requirements that allow fisheries biologists to better predict the probability of success or failure of that species in a given habitat.  To date, physical and chemical data on 16 brook trout streams have been collected and are now being analyzed for indicators of successful Ohio brook trout streams.

There is also an initiative to develop a new brook trout exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo at the Wolf Cabin area.  Funding for this project is not yet fully secured, but a large portion is funded through conservation organizations and county park systems in Northeast Ohio.

Roadmap to Restoration
Ohio Brooktrout Report
Hydraulic Fracturing Potential Impacts
Ohio Wild Brook Trout Range
Native Ohio Brook Trout thriving – video

Ohio Steelhead Fisheries

Read up on the Trout Unlimited 10 Special Places program. One of those is our own Lake Erie Watershed. See what is being done to help protect these important resources. Be sure to checkout the video on the site featuring Jerry Darkes.

Lake Erie Watershed

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