Go Fishing!

In addition to our service to the Mad River, we are after all, fly fishers. The Board members do spend a considerable amount of time fishing the Mad and other trout streams in Ohio (see contacts for some of our results). But even in fishing, we work in some service.

Twice a year we conduct a Mad River Fishing Survey. Once, just before the ODNR stocks to give them a snapshot of the relative hold over from the previous year’s stocking. Fly fishers from Miami Valley Fly Fishers, Central Ohio Fly Fishers, Buckeye United Fly Fishers, and other TU Chapters, such as the Clear Fork River Trout Unlimited join us in this survey. Here are some of the results of the survey. YOU ARE WELCOME TO FISH WITH US. SEE THE CALENDAR OR CONTACTS TO JOIN US.

We also conduct fly fishing and fly tying demonstrations to schools to encourage young people to get outdoors, enjoy the river and learn to fly fish.


We are always looking for new members. If you interested, you can find additional information and sign up on the
Trout Unlimited website. Be sure to use chapter #477 – Madmen when you join.

Teen/Youth – Read about the TU Teen membership levels. If you’re interested, youth can join or renew at special price levels.
There’s even a level for kids 12 and under to join or renew.