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Conserving, Protecting and Restoring Ohio's Coldwater Fisheries and Their Watersheds
TU Teens Program

There is a new club making a splash at Gallia Academy Middle School!

In 2013, Shannon Mayes started a fly fishing club called TU Teens of Gallipolis in conjuction with the Madmen Chapter. It is the first and only TU Teens program in the state!

Gallia Academy Middle School TU Teens Chapter in the news! Read the article or pdf.

Check out club in the pictures below:
[TU Students] [TU Students]
[TU Students1] [TU Students2]

We are always looking for new members. If you interested, you can find additional information and sign up on the
Trout Unlimited website. Be sure to use chapter #477 - Madmen when you join.

Teen/Youth - Read about the TU Teen membership levels. If you're interested, youth can join or renew at special price levels.
There's even a level for kids 12 and under to join or renew.