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Trout in the Classroom

protwat Connecting Students with Their Watershed

Trout in the Classroom is a national educational program promoted by Trout Unlimited.

Ohio’s Madmen Chapter of Trout Unlimited sponsors Trout in the Classroom at the following schools:

Benjamin Logan High School, Middle School and Elementary School,
Bellefountaine, Ohio (3 units);
Graham High School and Elementary School (3 units), St. Paris, OH;
West Liberty/Salem High School, W. Liberty, OH;
Southdale Elementary School, Kettering, OH;
Bellefontaine Middle School (2 units), Bellefontaine, OH;
Northwestern Middle School, Springfield, OH; and,
Urbana University, Urbana, OH.

Students study the Biology of growth of trout development from egg to fingerlings. They study the Ecology of the system by analyzing water for dissolved oxygen, pH and the buildup of waste byproducts, such as ammonia, nitrates and nitrites. Decomposers control these wastes in the ecosystem.

The most exciting aspect of Trout in the Classroom, and perhaps the most memorial is the release. Students get to release their trout into the local watershed.

Trout in the Classroom connects students with their watersheds, teaching them trout biology and development as well as water resource management and environmental education.

A copy of the Ohio Trout in the Classroom Manual is available here.

For more information, contact:

Don Dean
Ohio State Coordinator for Trout in the Classroom
and Outdoor Education

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For more information about Trout in the Classroom, please check our website,

Benjamin Logan Schools

L.: Spencer Reames, Ben Logan HS at the aquarium;    R.: Tom Allen, Executive Director of the Madmen Chapter of TU (left) and Mr. Reames

benloganrelease benloganrelease2 benloganrelease3

Above: Pictures of Release Day, 2013

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