Stream Restoration on the Mad River

For many years the Madmen have been involved in stream restoration and stabilization on the Mad River. In previous years, we did restoration work South of US 36 and on the Watson’s Property at Sullivant Road.

In 2012 we organized the removal of a large log jam above Pimtown Rd. The log jam was diverting the river and eroding the bank into the farmer’s field. The result was to save the farmers property and an excellent run and undercut bank creating excellent trout habitat. Some of the logs removed from this log jam are being used in the current project.

In 2013 we received plan approval and began “In-stream Habitat Improvement Project” on over 400 feet of river below Pimtown Road Bridge. This is a two-stage project. The first stage stabilizes the east bank in two locations on the east bank which are suffering erosion. Logs will be cabled in using a pile driver and back-filled with cobble to support the bank and prevent erosion. New riffle habitat will be created.

The second stage will introduce wing dams and new trout habitat 400 yd downstream from the Pimtown bridge. None of our restoration will effect the 100 year flood plan and all improvements are applied for through a 401.

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